Many people have asked us about the “Double R” and the bright red heart that is prominent in the eaves of our building.  We have had speculation that it is a secret an anti-hurricane symbol or maybe a mysterious Outer Banks version of the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex signs.  Not quite….but not far off.  The Double R’s represent Ruby and Rose,  two sisters whose family owned this property for generations and who lived in a traditional Outer Banks cabin on this location before we built our Bed and Breakfast.   Ruby and Rose were Mae’s aunt’s and as a child, Mae spent may days and evenings in their company listening to their stories and enjoying this beautiful piece of the planet.  While they are no longer with us, the Double R’s are a tribute to these brave and beautiful women who showed us how to appreciate life’s little pleasures.  We honor them and hope to impart a little of their spirit into this house and onto your visit.