A glimpse of nature’s magic

Sometimes all you have to do is to disconnect and have some good time away from the daily stress and pressure. This is when you need to go somewhere to have some fun and enjoy the magic of nature.

Head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina:

Most of the towns along the shores of North Carolina will have their recreation activities that are centered around water. Most of the popular areas will provide kayaking tours to people who want to have some time off their daily stress. There are also a lot of rentals and tour options that are available for people who are interested in going on lovely kayaking tours.

There are a lot of water bodies to explore from marshes that are rich in wildlife to the wild ocean waves, while there is a kayaking experience available for all types of kayakers and levels of experience from amateurs to experienced kayakers.

Have some time off:

After a long kayaking trip, you need to find a place to rest and enjoy your stay. This is why you should head to our wonderful Inn, where you can have a nice relaxing time. Colington Creek Inn is a wonderful place to stay on the Outer Banks of North Carolina that is available year round. This Inn was designed in 2005 with all the amenities that would make this Inn one of its kind.

You have an option to get a 10% discount after you book 4 nights or more. You can call the telephone number (252) 449-4124.. All the rooms will have great views of the water. Each room is also equipped with a nice private bathroom, mini fridge, and a sun porch.

Kick back and relax:

You can relax and swim or boat (it is surrounded by water) at the Colington Creek Inn as you book one of the available lovely rooms. Each room will come with a special design and features that give it a special character or you can choose to stay in the lovely suite. The water dock around the Inn will give you the chance to enjoy the views and to engage in kayaking that will take your mind off everything.

What else can you do there?

When you choose to spend time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you will get a chance to spend the time of your life doing some interesting activities that would add some zest to your life.

You can have an airplane tour that would allow you to see all the interesting sites and the shipwrecks. You can also spend some time at the Elizabeth Gardens to have some interesting time in nature. If you are into some history then head to the Outer Banks History Center or the Frisco Native American Museum. You can also watch the wonders of the marine life in the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. For a nice day out, you can visit the Currituck Beach Lighthouse or the Bodie Island Lighthouse.

Indulge in kayaking:

You can have a nice kayaking trip to watch the sunset or have an overnight trip. Sound side kayaking is very popular and Colington Creek Inn is perfect as a point to start paddling. There are 5 different sounds that you can choose from in order to start kayaking. They are usually very shallow and this is great for kayakers because even the inexperienced ones can stand up easily if the kayak tips over. Spending time at our Outer Banks of North Carolina Inn is a chance that is not to be missed.