Bird watching is a hobby possessed by a large chunk of nature fanatics and avid explorers across the world. As relaxing and peaceful as it may be as an activity, it is crucial that bird watching is done in an environment that provides the bird watchers with the most appropriate atmosphere to sit in peace and calmly look at birds. In addition to this is the more important aspect of the fact that, to carry out the activity of bird watching, one must also be present in an area where one can find a variety of different species of birds within the vicinity.

We often find that for an activity like bird watching, customers often wish to resort to a holiday home or spend a night or two at a hotel. For purposes of being in a peaceful environment, people often prefer taking a break from their hectic schedules and escaping the fast-paced life of the city, retreating into a comfortable and cozy holiday resort where they can have a few quiet moments of relaxation.

Since we here at the Colington Creek Inn know exactly what our customers require for their peaceful retreats, our friendly and cooperative staff is always looking to serve our customers with the best of services.

Situated on the breathtaking outer banks of North Carolina, Colington Creek Inn is a resort surrounded by water. Each room has a picturesque view of the sparkling water, and along with being spacious, provides customers the right amount of privacy that they require.

The reason why Colington Creek Inn is the best spot for bird watching during the current season is the fact that it is located in an area that is home to a variety of some of the most unique species of birds. These include the entire hawk family, with eagles and Osprey, a variety of seagulls and ducks, and vast numbers of Kingfishers, Bald Eagles, Songbirds, and geese. What makes the activity of bird watching particularly more attractive than other resorts or inns that offer similar services Is the very fact that, at Colington Creek, customers are allowed to watch birds up close, providing them with an unforgettable experience like no other.

Another plus point for visitors is the fact that our native staff is well-equipped and fully aware of all the attractions and areas around the island that will guide customers to exactly the kind of activity that they are looking for.